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Branch Resilience Solution (TERA OFFLINE)

Tera Offline Solution is a unique and powerful solution that supports offline transaction processing at the bank’s branches during unfortunate instances’ of network downtime or loss of communication.


  • Tera offline offers business continuity
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Easy to use and to integrate to the core banking
  • Automated uploads when service for core banking or network
    is restored.


Banks’ branch office serves customers during core banking outages or when there is no connectivity to HQ.
The issue of system down-times and availability presents a number of challenges to a bank, some of which include:

  • Damaged corporate and brand image
  • Loss of customers/partner goodwill
  • Lost transaction revenue and business opportunities
  • Possible legal penalties for not delivering on SLAs.
  • Incurrence of extra remedial marketing costs
  • Driving business to competitors
  • Increased operational and capital costs associatedwith integration and support