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CEO's Remarks

MS. Alfelt Mumbo Abio-Gunda

CEO, NLS Banking Solutions

Since joining NLS Banking Solutions in 2016, I have seen the company’s ability in providing solutions for the banking and financial sector.  I have seen our products evolve over time as a result of responding to clients’ needs. 

Due to the paradigm shift from traditional banking with changes in technology, customer expectations and even regulatory requirements, banks need to choose what posture to adopt.  The truth is, the signposts for change are here and for a bank to stay ahead of the pack, they have to embrace the rapid evolutionary and revolutionary changes.  If banks fail to shift gear, they risk being left behind.

NLS having realized these rapid changes and other challenges in the industry, also through our research, came up with new products integrating and delivering channels and analytics to add value to bank’s core banking systems. NLS saw the opportunity and through it’s experience came up with the NLS Tera Integration Platform, innovating through integration.   NLS Tera Integration Platform is a home grown innovation in response to the challenges facing banks and financial institutions.  Our SOA based solutions have been deployed across institutions to achieve better business agility, improve efficiency and resilience among other benefits.  The platform has a financial processing suite to boost performance on the systems’ ESB and even the CBS.  Through NLS financial processing suite, we are able to improve performance on the channels and enhance a 99.9% system availability. Partner with us today to experience the benefits of our products.

We look forward to engaging in a provocative dialogue with our clients, going forward.  We would be happy also for you to share your views, information and insights as appropriate on this page and even in person.  Feel free to reach out to us to start the dialogue also on linkedin, twitter and facebook.

Thank You