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Chairman's Remarks


Mr. Nagarajan Karthik

Chairman, NLS Banking Solutions

"Growth has been a way of life for NLS since 2006 and this is because of the unparalleled level of sincerity by our team, the NLS Team is motivated, energised and empowered for growth.  NLS started with NLS Offline Branch Solutions - NOBS (currently Tera Offline), that was designed to provide resiliency for branch operations. Fast forward, we have developed NLS Terafin Suite, a financial transaction processing engine, digital banking solutions, Business automation solutions and analytics.


Since the company was started, over 10 years ago, we have redefined the market by understanding the challenges that banks and financial institutions face and delivered software solutions that integrate with their core systems. The company has always strived for continuous technological innovation. Through the platform’s evolution, we have managed to redefine the market. To remain competitive in today’s volatile and complex markets, banks and finance organizations need such innovative processing systems with advanced properties to guarantee return on investment.

Our main focus is to leverage this strength in innovation through more and more synergistic initiatives, partnering with other players thereby delivering solutions to banks and financial institutions for them to realise quick ROI in technology.  We have broadened our services and products by developing NLS, innovation is the cornerstone of our organization. We pride ourselves on building the best solutions that meet the needs of our customers.  Welcome"