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Core Banking System (NURON)

Nuron is a comprehensive universal banking system that integrates all transactional banking operation into a flexible, multi-currency platform. The solution is designed to run either as a centralized independent system or a decentralized instance that can integrate or connect with other third party core banking systems hence flexibility. However, the later set up is limited to front office transactional processing while relying on external systems for back office operations. Given the open nature of NURON’s proven java and J2EE platform, banks have the choice to select the supporting hardware and software platform with options for deployment on any hardware platform or OS, with industry standard application servers that support J2EE architecture and databases supporting any RDBMS built with SQL, flat file, or XML concept. By adopting NURON, bank and financial institutions can rest assure  that their customers will receive the service as and when they need according to their specific requirements, characterized with elegant performance, reliability and scalability.


Branch front office

Retail Banking

Corporate Banking

Reconciliation module

Lending module

Debt Collection & Collateral Management module

Reporting system

NURON Universal Gateway – TIP Adapter