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Counter Fraud Management System (TERA INTELLIGENCE)

Tera Intelligence is a suite of analytics helping banks to address their key risk and monitoring activities while comfortably supporting the ever changing and demanding requirements Its Transaction Monitoring and Rule Processor Engine that does Fraud detection, AML, and most importantly trend analysis.


  • Suspicious activity
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Know your customers (KYC)
  • Fraud management
  • Watch-list and case management
  • Data mining and reporting


  • Transparency

The solution’s monitoring process is completely transparent and easily configurable. The solution provides a portal that works through logical processes, bridging the gap between technology and compliance functions.

  • Adaptability

The Solution’s Framework is easily adaptable to each institution’s risk profile. Scenarios and risk factors are driven directly from the bank’s anti-money laundering risk assessment and can be easily changed as the institution’s or the industry’s risks change.

  • Depth of coverage

The solution does not merely assess transactions; it employs scenarios across a wide array of
an institution’s specific knowledge to develop alerts that can surface more suspicious activity that ever before possible. And as anti-money laundering functions evolve to cover all of an institution’s financial crimes monitoring programs, the solution gives institutions the flexibility to accommodate changing requirements.