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Debt Collection Solution (TERA COLLECT)

NLS Tera Collect is designed to create, follow, collect, report and close pending debt collections through a consolidated Debt Collector. The module provides a comprehensive overview of the debt management process thereby saving valuable time and reducing operational risk by offering relevant information in one central system. From this centralized position, a user can easily manage a broad range of debt management activities. The solution further provides a broad range of tools and features and easily integrates with existing systems due to its service oriented   foundation.The system offers a close management of customers through intelligent customer segmentation. This allows a bank to deliver dynamic, tailored collections for each delinquent customer, especially given the highly competitive environment and the ease of switching between  banks, leaving debts behind them. With this solution, customers can be finely segmented to create an accurate profile and by using alerts and timely reports, banks are able to device and drive the most appropriate strategy. The system presents an integrated approach to sales, collections and credit management. By synchronizing all customer data, a bank reduces error risk, lowers audit costs and helps manage customer relationships.With easy access to information, banks can make more reliable credit decisions and have full documentation of decisions through audit trails. with  better credit decision making and improved collection strategies, banks can significantly reduce bad debt write-offs.


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