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Mobile Applications 


The NLS E-Farm android application is a platform that enables users to purchase farm produce directly from farmers Saccos. The platform includes a back-end for the administrator which facilitates inventory tracking, data analysis and representation as well as report generation. 


NLS Mobile Banking application

The NLS Mobile Banking app is a platform that enables Banks and financial institutions to deliver banking services on a mobile platform. Services covered include balance inquiry, Funds transfer, airtime purchase, mini statements, loan applications and Utility payments. The platform also includes an administration portal.

Mobile Lending Platform

The NLS Mobile Lending application is a platform that enables Bank or micro-finance institution customers to apply for soft loans and repay, the platform integrates a credit scoring tool to determine applicants credit worthiness. The customer allows clients to configure flexible repayment periods and comes with and administrator web portal to assist in administration functionalities.


NLS Ezzy Kazi

The NLS Ezzy Kazi android application is a service provision and a service requesting platform which allows users to request for services from registered service providers in real time. The platform includes a service consumer android application, a service provider dashboard as well as an administrator portal. The portal allows for service provider registration, data analytics as well as report generation. 


NLS Transaction Reader

The NLS Transaction reader is an android application that syncs MPESA messages to the NLS cloud server in real time. The platform enables MPESA hop owners to keep track of their business performance and frequency of transaction in order to make better decisions with regard to their businesses. The transaction reader includes an administrator portal that covers MPESA branch registration, graphical data as well as report generation. 

NLS Chat application

The NLS Chat application is a platform that enables customers to chat with applications administrator/customer care. the platform comes with an android appication for the consumer and adesktop application for the customer care representative.