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Reconciliation Solution


Ntellicheck is a reconciliation solution that readily integrates with any host system using a relational database and provides reconciliation services on account transactions including Nostro accounts with external system generated files, or with real time communication channels like SWIFT, ATM, Reuters or Clearing systems

     Modules includes:

i.         Nostro reconciliation

ii.        Bankers Cheque

iii.       Loans and suspense accounts reconciliation

iv.       POS reconciliation

v.        Credit Card reconciliation

vi.       iTax

vii.      ATM Reconciliations

viii.     Aggregators and billers

ix.       Mobile money Transfer Reconciliation (C2B,B2C,Merchant payments, airtime)


System highlights:

  • Real-time matching and automation

  • Integration with existing infrastructure

  • Reports based on the reconciliation status for audit purposes

  • Provision of manual reconciliation for unmatched items

  • Review and reversal of matched transactions should incorrect references be made

  • Allows reconciliations to be created for multiple banks, companies and environments

  • Multi-currency, multi-site solution deployable on multiple environments

  • Direct uploading of files not available to users in csv format

  • Built in email function to facilitate communication and notification

  • Configurable access rights to enhance security.