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Banks Need Automation to Improve Their Customer Service

November 29, 2017


Automation of banking services and related financial operations has been something that has been placed as a top priority in key financial markets. This is because financial institutions all over the world want to enhance their efficiency and customer service. As a matter of fact, more clients are currently paying attention to how innovative a bank is so that they can be assured that they can access more services in a technologically advanced manner.


In the past, banks operated manually and their transactions ran in isolation, in a slow manner and with minimal integration across the core banking system. This made them prone to error and subject to variables within a human workforce. As a result, this limited its profit per customer and enabled competitors who were more agile to gain more from the market share.


For most banks and financial institutions, technology has been at the core of their current transformation. However, the process of automation faces obstacles due to the cost and disparate technology. According to Bill Gates, automation that is applied to an operation that is inefficient has a higher probability of magnifying the inefficiency. This means that financial institutions have to find a way in which they can effectively apply technology to the right financial operations. So how can they do this?


Core Banking Automation




NLS TeraFin is a highly customized, high performance financial transactions processing suite designed to offer 24/7 availability to customer digital channels, independent of the core banking system in addition to managing risks through fraud and anti-money laundering detector module. The solution design follows service oriented architecture principles and hence the ability to integrate with any message type or protocols. NLS TeraFin provides the infrastructure to compose new services, expose all existing core banking, including processing the services and consuming new services often introduced directly or through an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). This approach allows you to make the most out of the investment that you have already made while moving to a more streamlined modern agile operating environment.


In order for financial institutions to benefit fully from their infrastructure automation, highly innovative software applications like the one mentioned above can assist them to increase efficiency, cut costs, enhance quality, explore new opportunities and fasten their digital transformation in a controlled manner.


Financial institutions need to know that there are several other solutions and challenges that need to be explored like finding ways to attain broader business outcomes rather than just perfecting their processes.  

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December 6, 2018

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