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E-billing Engine

(Tera E-Billing)

TeraEbilling  is an enterprise e-billing payment system that includes everything you would expect in a mature, best of breed solution. Its unique solution helps connect you to your customers through business relevant communities that solve problems and also create opportunities.

The solution facilitates following key functionalities:

  1. Real-time electronic bill presentment

  2. Payments of bills

  3. Reconciliation


With NLS e-bill payment engine the bank will have the ability to:

  • Load billers on the system and set them as active or inactive.

  • Enable various channels within the bank to connect to the system using a single web service definition.

  • Choose via Admin module which partner to route transaction per biller i.e. quickly change channels which could be between various aggregators or direct connectivity between the engine and the biller.

  • Set which biller has bill presentment and at the same time allow the downstream channel to know which biller has presentment so that the request can be forwarded to the biller for presentment.


Solution Modules