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Events and Notification System

(Tera Events)

Tera Events and notification system is an events notification service solution that is easy to deploy in any banking application environment. It effectively handles subscription, message preparation, publishing and delivery of the messages across various channels and devices.

Banks can define a variety of templates, basic alerts and notifications including the appropriate channels for the delivery. In addition, it enables the users to define their choices and frequencies or triggers. It fully supports multiple network protocols and is capable of capturing the defined events across the diverse systems of the bank effectively leveraging the convergence of the technologies

Events and notifications currently integrated include:

  • Debit card ready for collection

  • Credit card ready for collection

  • Cheque books ready for collection

  • Replaced card(debit ) ready for collection

  • Replaced card( credit) ready for collection

  • Standing order due date

  • Loan due dates

  • Loans past due

  • Change in interest rates

  • Welcome note for newly opened accounts

  • Happy Birthday eshots

  • Ability of the system to trigger alerts before an account becomes dormant

  • National Holidays

  • Ability of the system to trigger SMS/email notification to customer in regard to:

    • Debit card due for renewal

    • Credit card due for renewal

  • Anniversaries for license renewals e.g vehicle stickers

  • Online credentials (code generators) ready for collection

  • Thank you messages on anniversaries

  • Bulk marketing, informing about current promo actions and new products

  • Ability of the system to trigger sms/email alerts to bank employees for internal

  • Notification e-shots for system delays or downtime

  • Any other internal communication

Tera Events Architecture