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Integration Platform

(Tera Platform)

The Tera Integration Platform(TIP) provides an integration pillar that unifies and standardize your entire application ecosystem. The platform is cost effective and scalable enabling enterprise to deploy end to end service oriented architecture and eventually unlocking the value existing investments.

The platform consists of the following key modules:

  1. Adapters,to enable connectivity into packaged and custom enterprise applications, as well as specific channels in the banking industry.

  2. Service repository – contracts and published services container. Supports publishing and locating of services.

  3. Transformation engine- message format and protocol translator.

  4. Message mediation broker: provides facilities for connectivity and mediation logic.

  5. Security management: provides extra security layer to transactions.

  6. Alerts and reporting: Handles production, detection, consumption of, and reaction to events

  7. Monitoring component: provides a dashboard for business activity/performance monitoring

  8. Design time Message mapping tool.

Tera Integration Platform Architecture